Are you ready to hit the trails and go on an adventure through the wilderness? There’s no better way to explore the great outdoors than trekking along an epic trail. Throughout the United States, we have our choice when it comes to hiking adventures. Whether it’s a hike through one of our many National Parks, a state park, a mountain, or by the water, you need to prepare yourself with all the necessities to keep yourself comfortable and safe. That’s why we have put together this Ultimate Hiking Packing List. If you’re wondering what to pack for hiking, what basic hiking gear you need, or if you just need a packing list for a hiking vacation, we’re here to help. Here are some essential items needed for hiking.

The Best Hiking Backpacks

One of the most essential items needed for hiking is a good backpack. After all, you’ll need some way to carry your keys, phone, wallet, water, snacks, and anything else you need depending on what type of hike you’re doing. Here are some of our favorite backpacks:

Hiking Snacks & Water Bottles

You can’t leave home for a hiking trip without snacks. And you certainly need water to hydrate along the way. Here are some snacks and water bottle options to add to your hiking essentials list:

Safety Essentials: First Aid

Safety first, right? Hiking doesn’t come without risk, even on the shortest and easiest of trails. What we need to do before we hit the trails is make sure we are covered when it comes to first aid. Here are some safety items you may want to carry with you:

Hiking Clothes & Boots

Good clothes and a sturdy pair of hiking boots are some of the most important items that should be on anyone’s checklist for hiking. No matter how short or long your hike is, proper attire is absolutely necessary.

Summer Hiking Essentials

In addition to the warm-weather clothing you need for your summer hiking, there is a slew of other items you need for the trails. After all, the summer brings about things like insects, poison ivy, and, worst of all, ticks!

Winter Hiking Essentials

During the cold weather, there is a slew of other gear you need to bring with you to keep you safe in the ice and snow. Here are a few things to pack for hiking in winter:

Hiking Essentials For Kids

Hiking isn’t just for adults. Some of us have kids that we want to take with us on a hiking adventure. Here is a checklist for hiking with children, which requires a few essentials you may not have thought about.

We hope that this guide helps with your own hiking trip packing lists, no matter what type of hiking you plan on doing. Are there any other essentials to add to this gear list for hiking? Let us know! And don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Road Trip Packing List!

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